Ain’t nobody got time to meal prep! 3 tools for clean eating on a tight schedule

Ain’t nobody got time to meal prep! 3 tools for clean eating on a tight schedule

By on March 6, 2015

Being short on time doesn’t have to be an obstacle to leading a fit life! Healthy is not an exclusive way to be! We can all be healthy with the right tools and a little guidance. Fit people are busy people who spend their time living life with energy and joy! Here are some tools they use:
1. Portion control containers.
These bad boys might not look so special, but this color-coded set of on-the-go containers make healthy eating super-simple! They help you to measure the perfect portion without ever having to measure at all! Plus, they don’t spill in backpacks or purses — bonus baby!
2. Simple, scheduled eating.
Sticking to the same three or four meals for breakfast, three to four for lunch and three to four for dinner will eliminate the need to track your calories. It helps to start with some structure, but once you get the hang of healthy eating you’ll be able to eat right no matter where you are or how crazy life gets. Join my free online coaching group here — you’ll get access to my
fit life eGuide full of recipes and sample meal plans.
3. A no-brain nutrition guide.
Confession: I used to collect diet books. I’d buy up a new “get skinny quick” title on sale at Barnes & Noble every time I went. Those books were my vice. I’d read through them hoping to drop pounds through osmosis. Needless to say, I learned a lot of what NOT to do to look amazing and gain incredible energy. Those books, and tons of other diet plans, offer a confusing package of strict food rules and lifestyle regulations. I’m not about limits and just want eating to be a simple and enjoyable system. These guides are some of the very few that offer truly sustainable guidelines.
Try out one or all of these three tools to start eating better right now. Need some coaching to help you simplify the fit life even faster? Join me in my free online community here.
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